John OplanichJohn Oplanich has been living in Edmonton Ward 3 for 30 years. His parents are immigrants from Italy and Croatia. John (Giovanni) and his wife Elizabeth have 3 children Michael, Natalie and Ariana.

John has been a land developer in Ward 3 since 1988. He loves a challenge especially when it comes to real estate. He is a risk-taker entrepreneur. John is invested in Ward 3 so naturally Ward 3 is a priority for him so you are in good hands.

John is very concerned that the Northside has been forgotten and constituents are telling him the same thing at the doors. Our roadways, sidewalks and sewers are crumbling.  Neighbourhoods like Baturyn, Canossa & Cherry Grove Heights are primary examples of this. Newer communities.  Some of these communities are only about 20 years old.  This shouldn’t be happening until 40 years+.  He has solutions not suggestions. John loves to show off his YEG City to friends around the world. Ward 3 has the most diverse cultures in the City.  Come and experience what Ward 3 has to offer.  You won’t want to leave.  30 years later John is still here.

John knows that Ward 3 is special and has much to offer. Join him in making it a better place for you and your families. It just needs a bit of TLC.  His families priorities are the same ones YOU have.  The decisions he makes affects his family as much as they affect YOUR family.  You are in good hands.

The Name You KNOW. The Man YOU Can TRUST. The Councillor YOU NEED

Vote for John Oplanich on October 16th to represent Ward 3.
Donations and Volunteers are appreciated.
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