Election Promises

  1. Accountability & Transparency – no more secret mtgs – leads to corruption
  2. Rotating 4 day work week where it works-10 hrs/day-8am to 6pm – I’ve spoken with City workers and they love it. It’s good for the environment, reduced power, less time spent on the roads, employees are happier and healthier, 66% less sick time in the workplace, millions of dollars saved for city and insurance rates, it’s the way of the future, just ask those 18-35 yrs old
  3. Crime Prevention – every night we hear helicopters hovering above our homes
  4. Balance the books and save for the future – fiscal responsibility
  5. Property taxes are out of control – I said this in the 2010 election – In the next 5-7 years you can expect them to double to pay for all the services city requires – tax upon tax.
  6. I want to empower Community Leagues with teeth – they know what is best for their communities.
  7. Photo radar is NOT going away. It’s too big a cash cow. Ward 3 wants a piece of it. I am proposing that each Ward be awarded one photo radar traffic enforcement unit. All funds generated would be split up among the communities in that Ward.
  8. I want to see $5/month per home go to the Community Leagues from our Property taxes for Beautification – no more dilapidated falling fences – leading to decrease in home values of neighbourhoods.
  9. I want to pay City workers bonuses/commissions for saving money in their departments. This could add up to millions.
  10. I want to empower City employees – I want to move where possible to employee self-management – Team effort always win. Proven.
  11. Support police and fire departments that keep us safe
  12. Offer large tax incentives to attract multinationals like pharmaceutical companies, technology companies = better pay
  13. YMCA should be OPEN free of charge to all 1 day/week – we pay for that service with our tax dollars
  14. No more tax increases to seniors earning less then $50,000/yr or over the age of 80 – they have limited resources
  15. If Elected I promise to give 100% of my last 2 years of wages to the Communities in Ward 3 if I can’t deliver on my promises. I challenge all other Ward 3 candidates to do the same. That is the person YOU need to VOTE for.
  16. If elected I promise to serve for ONLY 1-2 terms – 8 years – then I’m OUT. We need energetic, fresh innovative thinkers. We have too many people that want to stay for 30 years. Spenders, stale & out of touch with community.
  17. Ward 3 Edmontonians are just trying to make a living, WHY is the City trying to make a KILLING?
  18. Direct line 24/7 to John Oplanich. I want to hear from YOU. Your HEART belongs in your own back yard – 780-991-6741.
  19. I promise the right things for our families. The decisions I make affect my family as much as your family. I live here.
  20. When City fears the PEOPLE that is Democracy.When people fear the City, that is corruption, entitlement, intimidation
  21. Bring back City Of Champion signs. Go Oilers, Eskimos, FC Edmonton. Why we wasting Millions at re-branding.
  22. I will always be a neighbour, advocate & friend for keeping Ward 3 1st and won’t act as a vote for any stakeholders unless it benefits Ward 3 & our businesses. A strong voice. I am accountable to you – Ward 3.
  23. I promise to work closely with all Wards on the North Side to bring real change. Right now we are giving away the house and land to everyone south of the river. WHY? Commonwealth Games of 1976 we were driving LRT to Clareview. Then the wheels fell off and we got tossed into the ditch. Now we are only riding in the caboose pushing everyone else’s (Agenda) LRT. Who’s going to help me build a wave and COOL down City Hall with a SPLASH! VOTE John Oplanich 780-991-6741
  24. Ward 3 constituents are hard workers, risk-takers & entrepreneurs but we are also very compassionate.  Can’t forget to look after-most vulnerable. Our homeless who sleep under our trees and dig through our garbage. The LGBTQ. We have to be respectful and treat everyone with dignity. This is how I will earn your trust. Communities & churches step-up!
  25. I DO NOT want YOUR vote because I have a nice smile. I want your VOTE because I understand the issues in our communities.
  26. We need farmers market at YMCA CastleDowns. Will start in April to September 15. I have 20 vendors ready to GO!
  27. You know me & I know you. I’M COUNTING on you and I hope your counting on me.
  28. The Name you KNOW! The Man YOU can TRUST! The Councillor you NEED!
  29. Politicians are like diapers. When they get soiled you have to throw them in the garbage.
  30. When you are fighting to win this job you are on training wheels.  The day you step into this job you are on a bicycle.  Some people just like to stay on training wheels!