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Dear Ward 3 Constituents

I know you Ward 3, and YOU, know John Oplanich.  I have lived in Baturyn Ward 3 for 30 years.  I have been a lot of things and land developer/entrepreneur is the latest.  Most of the land development has been in the Cherry Grove & Schonsee neighbourhoods of Ward 3 so I know something about how this city works.  I know how to get things done.  I have been a businessman in North Edmonton for many years.  Travelled and invested around North America.  Most of you will recognize my name from 2010 City Elections when I ran for City Council.  I was also a candidate for the Wildrose Party in the April 2012 Provincial elections.  I am a strong believer that City Hall Councillors should ONLY be allowed to serve for 2 terms-8 years.  That is more than enough for any City Councillor.  We need young innovative thinkers who want to make a difference.  I`m challenging candidates in Ward 3 to promise if Elected to run for only 2 terms and then you are out.  That is the person you should vote for on Oct 16, 2017.  What do you say candidates?  That is how you get change in City Council every 4 years.  My promise to you is if elected I will stay for maximum 1-2 terms and then I`m out.  We need Councillors with fresh innovative out of box thinking ideas.  WE don`t have that.  What we don`t need Councillors that want to stay for 25-30 years.  That means incumbents like LOKEN in Ward 3 must GO.  Doesn`t even live in Ward 3.  Not 1 town hall meeting in 8 years. When was the last time he KNOCKED on your door.  Can we continue to support this type of Councillor?  Hides in City Hall for 4 years and only comes back when he needs your vote.  Ward 3 do we have rocks in our heads?  Who is going to STOP increases in property taxes?  Where are property taxes going?  You know?  No big secret.  Across the river into Millwoods – southside – west-end.  The north side keeps getting a black eye and rest of city is getting flowers.   We have been forgotten.  I said this in the 2010 election – Property taxes are going to be out of control over the next 10 years and I was right.  I know how to stop these increases.  Vote for John Oplanich.  Some parts of Ward 3 are starting to look like a ghetto, sorry, yes like a ghetto – Go to Baturyn(I live here), Kilkenny, Evansdale, Dunluce, Lago Lindo, Lorelei and Beaumaris – they are in very bad shape.  I`m talking about roads & sidewalks.  I`m talking about entrance-ways into our communities – fences falling down, city not cutting grass along our roads – where are the sheep?  They would do a better job and cost nothing.  Where is pride of ownership?  Your homes are dropping in value – they need to be beautified-they need a simple face lift.  How we going to fix this problem?  I want to see the following:  the power needs to be put back into the hands of the Community Leagues.  They know best what the community needs.  We have about 30,000 homes in Ward 3 – I want to see Home Owner Associations(HOA) put in place.  We have them all over North America and they work.  They will have power to ensure neighbourhoods don’t fall into disrepair.  I want to see $5 per house per month from property taxes go to the Community Leagues to enhance our neighbourhoods.  I want to see each Ward awarded 1 photo radar unit and all money generated must go to the Community Leagues HOA.  Photo radar is not going away.  It`s a city cash cow acct and WARD 3 wants a part of it.  Don’t believe City that they are not making any money.  Then get rid of them!!  I want to see City of Edmonton  move where possible to 4 day work weeks on a rotating basis – 10 hours per day – 8am to 6 pm.  Employees I have spoken with want it.  They think it is a fantastic idea.  Every Friday or Monday is a day off instead of a sick day.  50% better time management – Productivity increases – reduced electricity – less driving means 50% reduction in carbon emissions – happier employees – 66% reduction in sick-time-go to my website to read more or google working less in the workplace.  I want to move to employee self-management.  Proven to be very successful.  Team effort always wins. I want to pay department bonuses/commissions for finding ways to reduce costs within their own depts.  I want to cut back management in favour of more workers.  Hire more workers.   Do you think City of Edmonton managers getting $150,000+ per year is not enough.  Yes, Edmonton does and can do more to attract multinationals to create jobs.  The future is technology not manufacturing.  I don’t want anyone to vote for me because I’m their friend, I’m italian, I’m croatian, I have brown eyes, I’m handsome.  I want YOU to VOTE for John Oplanich because he is the best Candidate and HE will make a DIFFERENCE in our Ward 3 communities. Wages – in 2010 Councillors were being paid around $75,000 and 1/3 was tax free.  I said I would fight to eliminate tax free.  Why should Councillors get tax free and the rest of us have to pay.  They did take away the 1/3 tax free BUT then they turned around and gave themselves BIG raises to around $115,000.  Now with an election looming – Aug 30 2017 they said we will take a pay cut.  What changed?  Nothing!!  No wonder these people want to stay for 30 years! I want the City of Champion signs back.  I want it bad enough I`ll pay for it with my own funds if elected.  What a Great success story.  Instead they spend millions of our $$$ trying to re-brand the City.  Are you guys for real!!  I will not give up.  We need to work together for a New soccer stadium for FC Edmonton or upgrade the one we have.  Important for FC Edm to have a home.  It is over-due.  This will help attract better players.  Helps growth of team and communities.   There is nothing that brings more people together than sports.  We need to create places like Accidental Beach on North Sask river.  If you have ever been to Devon, Alberta  you`ll know what I mean.  Always packed with people enjoying the river.  Some are mining for gold, fishing, reading and boating.  We have a jewel let`s explore it.  Not one candidate has spoken about the homeless we have in Ward 3.  Sleeping under trees and in the bushes.   I have been helping these people for a number of years.  Finding rooming houses that fit their budgets.  Going to court to ensure they are not placed into Remand but rather into the communities with a place over their heads – they want to contribute even if it is only cleaning snow in the winters.  Community Leagues & constituents let’s explore using them to clean snow.  They just need a helping hand.  Yes they have mental issues and addictions but this is how they can help dig themselves out of that hole.

No more, secret, behind the door deals.  Accountability & Transparency Act.

If you don`t think there is corruption in City Hall think again.  Any time you start to have secret meetings behind closed doors that is where it all starts.  Councillor Bryan Anderson thinks Edmontonian’s deserve better.

David Staples from the Edmonton Journal – recent comments – “On most issues this past term, Iveson formed a voting bloc with councillors Michael Walters, Dave Loken, Andrew Knack, Ben Henderson and Bev Esslinger, according to the University of Calgary’s excellent CityBlocs website. The least likely to vote along with Iveson were the independents — Oshry, Gibbons, Anderson, Nickel, Tony Caterina and Scott McKeen.” – we need more independent thinkers like these Councillors otherwise Iveson will steamroll his Agenda down our throats

Have you noticed around the city for this election all the election signs advertising Looking for Workers.  Those election signs are costing us $200 per month x 3 months x 2000 signs – about $1,200,000.  Don’t you think we could have spent this money more wisely.  What did we do when we had no outdoor signs.  Why would they go enlist a company from Barrie, Ont when we have local signage companies that are starving for business right here in Edmonton.  What is going-on deep within this administration.  Does Mayor Iveson and the rest of Council really know what is going on.  Who exactly is running City Hall.  This is what you the constituent should be asking yourself when you vote.  ElectJohnOplanich who has common sense and will get to the bottom of this wasteful spending.  I know who to go after.  Curbex signage is only interested in putting our local family owned companies out of business and it looks like the City is all too happy to help them.

Let’s create a safe zone for LGBTQ.  We have lots of room in Ward 3.  Not even 1 candidate has spoken about this group.  What’s up?  These are the things that help make a community GREAT.  Leads to understanding.  Breaks down barriers and increases education in the community.

 Politicians are like diapers. When they get soiled you MUST throw them out!

Incumbent has Go!

I hope I can count on YOU because you know you can count on ME.

Ward 3 constituents are trying to make a living.  Why is the City of Edmonton trying to make a KILLING?


John Oplanich has been living in Edmonton Ward 3 for 30 years. His parents are immigrants from Italy and Croatia.  John (Giovanni) and his wife Elizabeth have 3 children Michael, Natalie and Ariana.  John has been a land developer in Ward 3 since 1988.  He loves a challenge especially when it comes to real estate.  He is a risk-taker entrepreneur.  John is invested in Ward 3 so naturally Ward 3 is a priority for him so you are in good hands.  John is very concerned that the Northside has been forgotten.  He has solutions not suggestions.  John loves to show off his City to friends around the world.  We are all minorities in Ward 3.  Nowhere in Edmonton will you find such a diverse multicultural group of people and he loves it.  Ward 3 is a place where all ethnic groups collaborate and dialog with one another without having to sacrifice their identities.

John knows that Ward 3 is special and has much to offer.  Join him in making it a better place for you and your families. It just needs a bit of TLC.

The Name You KNOW.


The Councillor YOU NEED

Vote for John Oplanich on
October 16th to represent Ward 3.

Donations and volunteers are appreciated.
Please contact by e-mail or phone (780-991-6741) to join the Ward 3 Campaign.

Go Oilers! Go Eskimos! Go FC Edmonton!