Priorities II

Why Do I want to Be Councillor of Ward 3 ?
At the doors of my neighbours, people have been asking me what makes you the best choice?
I am a life-long resident of Ward 3. I have lived in Baturyn for 30 years. I have a vested interest to see Ward 3 grow and succeed as a safe and prosperous place. My church, schools, businesses and community are important to me. I have been raising my family here because it has excellent services, schools & teachers. The decisions I make affect my family as much as they affect your family.

Make NO mistake John Oplanich is his own man.  

I am conservative blue like my signs.  

I am NOT afraid to ask the tough questions.  I am a believer in strong leadership, partnership, and fiscal responsibility.  I want to work at attracting large Multinational Corporations to our city.  Ice District is a prime example of this for Edmonton.  It has the Brillance of a DIAMOND.  Everlasting.  I have always kept up with the policy & economic development of the city and want to continue to serve my Ward 3 to extend the improvements to-date.  I have an exceptional sense of fiduciary responsibility.  I am a consensus builder. I want community and youth to have a voice in our City Hall.  I listen before I speak. This is the most important skill a candidate must have.  YOU need someone that will LISTEN to you.  The Northside has been neglected for the past 8 years.  Accountabilty and Transparency.  No more secrets.  DO NOT spend beyond your needs. If your going to spend then make sure you have a plan in place to pay for it. I am excellent at drawing people together, examining all the possibilities, and emerging with the BEST solution to the problem which is agreeable to the group.

I bring with me the experience, the vision and the desire to make a real difference —both within my Ward 3 and the city as a whole. In all things I have ever done I have always served with leadership and dedication. I am looking forward to taking that same commitment to public service. While I pride myself on being able to promote consensus, I have always been an independent voice and will vote my conscience, as well as those of my constituents — without influence of others or special interests. If elected, I will have NO AGENDA other than a burning desire to make my Ward 3 and my city better than it was before my term.

While our community grows, it is imperative we control our City Spending and keep tax rates as close to zero as possible. This Council has not made any attempts in returning Edmonton to financial security. At the rate they are going YOUR Property Taxes will DOUBLE. Is that what you want? I will work closely with the Mayor to make sure our taxpayer’s dollars are spent wisely and we remain financially strong.We can’t afford to have our Councillor missing from Council meetings! Who will represent us at the table? We have been forgotten! LRT has been slipping through our fingers since the Commonwealth Games of 1976. We can’t wait until 2030. We were driving the train and now we have been unhitched sitting in the caboose. Why?  I will STOP any new property taxes for 2018.  I will be fighting for NO NEW property taxes for seniors earning less than $50,000/year or 80 plus years old. A majority of seniors only have Canada Pension & Old Age Security.  That means they are earning less than $25,000/year.  They want to stay in their homes NOT locked up in a nursing home.

I will also be introducing an smart phone APP.  It’s sole purpose will ONLY be for Surveys on all issues facing City Council.   Edmontonians would enter their home address or property tax roll number to answer the survey.  In a matter of hours or days you could have 100,000 responses.  Do we really need to spend millions of dollars on studies every time?  Technology is the way of the future.  We all have cell phones! You want to know how citizens feel?  It’s too hard to reach your Councillor. They don’t want to even talk to you unless it is election time.

I promise to support the needs of the city which provide funding for future projects like LRT, infrastructure, fire departments, extended police coverage and recreational facilities for the youth of Edmonton so they can engage in healthy, productive and safe activities. We need to create more markets for our small business owners and niche boutique businesses that bring culture and character to a Ward. Ward 3 constituents are hard workers, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs but we are also very compassionate. We also can’t forget to look after the most vulnerable. For example our homeless who sleep under our trees and dig through our garbage.  The  LGBTQ. We have to be respectful and treat everyone with dignity. This is how I will earn your trust. With values and principles that are like YOUR own.  Not 1 candidate in Ward 3 has spoken about these groups.  What are they afraid of?

I am running to lead that effort. I believe in strong leadership and dedication.
I have many years of Real Life Experience in Business and the Corporate World.
I have been very successful for the past 30 years. Much of my success is due to my ability to listen to concerns and was able to build trust with my customers. I bring those same values to City Council. Please make sure to vote. Only about 30% of our constituents in our communities VOTE. Voters will either choose to keep things the same and support our incumbent who in my opinion has a failing grade over 8 years – 2 terms is enough for any Councillor OR place a new first-time candidate on City Council. If you want to make a difference in our communities you need to VOTE for John Oplanich Ward 3 on Election Day Monday, October 16, 2017.

We just can’t afford another 4 years in the BACK OF THE TRAIN.

This is what makes me the BEST choice to lead Ward 3

I would be honored if you VOTE for me on Election Day October 16, 2017